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Why Choose AIG for Tax Liability Insurance?

Tax Liability Insurance protects companies from the financial impact of a challenge by tax authorities following an acquisition or divestment.

Australia has strong market conditions for people looking to sell their business. With an effective regulatory model and a stable political and legal environment, Australia can also be an attractive environment for offshore investors. These factors support the current buoyant M&A activity in Australia.

As in all markets, however, there are a number of risk factors that can hinder the successful implementation of a merger, acquisition or restructure. These may include uncertainty in the application of corporate tax legislation or administrative rulings, which can leave a company vulnerable to future challenges by tax authorities and exposure to a potentially substantial tax liability.

Tax Liability Insurance from AIG helps businesses to reduce or eliminate contingent exposure arising from the tax treatment of a transaction, investment or other activity that is later challenged by tax authorities. 

AIG Tax Liability Insurance Solutions

AIG's bespoke policies provide coverage for the primary tax payable (after deducting any offset benefits), as well as a 'gross-up' of taxes payable due to the proceeds of the Tax Liability Insurance. They also cover any interest and non-criminal fines or penalties in the event of a non-favourable determination by the tax authority. Coverage for defence costs, such as legal or tax adviser expenses is also available.

The term of a Tax Liability Insurance policy can be up to seven years from the date of inception.

Our policies cover tax issues relating to the legal interpretation of tax legislation, administrative rulings or case law, as applied to the facts presented by a taxpayer.

Large capacity

Highly customised coverage for a range of tax liability risks and their potential outcomes with large associated limits is also possible.

Long term protection

Policy terms of up to seven years from the date the policy is incepted.

Tailored coverage

Bespoke policies provide coverage for taxes payable as well as defence costs such as legal or tax advisor expenses.

Exceptional claims handling

Access to our outstanding team of claims professionals who are experienced and expert in litigation relating to complex transactions, ensuring that your claim will be resolved in a professional and efficient manner.

Tax Liability Insurance may be an effective tool for:

  • Successor liability issues in the context of M&A transactions where an acquirer is concerned about an historic tax position taken by the target company or its consolidated tax group.
  • Protection of a group's tax position following re-organisations (for example intra-group asset transfers, hive down, demerger or disposal).
  • Tax consequences resulting from a change of ownership.

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